Writing For Online Markets – 5 Tips From A Professional Writer | Online Marketing

When I first started out in writing for online markets, there was very little information about approaching clients, managing projects, choosing the right payment processors, calculating a good writing fee, deciding how many drafts or reworking requests to take on before submitting a final copy and matters related to actually getting byline credit and payments released.That was over 8 years ago and things in the online writing world have changed considerably since then. However, I write this article about 5 tips for the online market in the hope that the mistakes I made can be avoided by new writers and freelance writing success can be a constant for new authors!So, here goes:Tip # 1 – Research Writer GuidelinesWhen applying for an online writer’s job in any ezine, blog or website copywriting job, such as a guide or contributing writer, be sure to conduct some basic online research for the writer’s guidelines that most sites have so you know what the site owners expect from their writer. Sometimes, there may be other niches you could really shine in, which you may overlook applying for in your haste of sending off a general writer’s application so do make it a point to find out the various fields of expertise the online markets you want to write for are currently advertising for.Tip # 2 – Subscribe to top ezines and newsletters in your areas of interestIf you like camping, parenting, relationships or health subjects, it makes sense to subscribe to the top online magazines or newsletters from popular ezines or websites specializing in areas of your interest so you can pick up tips, latest news, expert views and possibly writing advice based on the content you find featured here.Most are free and easy to sign up for requiring you to give only your name and email address in order to receive lots of interesting articles, information and industry updates about your choice of online markets. Once you have good knowledge of your hot favorite online markets, writing for similar websites, blogs or ezines will be a breeze because you will already be familiar with the acceptable styles and favored topics by being an avid reader!!Tip # 3 – Target smaller ezines and always send more than one story pitchMost online writing markets prefer receiving more than one story pitch from a writer since 2, 3 or more article ideas with a brief overview of what the article will offer readers helps editors determine the range and variety of thought a good writer can bring to the magazine.Besides, smaller ezines are likely to have lesser competition because of lower circulation and modest writing fees offered. Therefore it makes sense to target smaller ezines when starting out in your writing career. Also apply for copy editing, proofing and volunteer writing gigs to get some bylines to your credit so you have a decent portfolio to show for better writing jobs when they come along, thanks to the exposure and confidence you will have gained due to these.Tip # 4 – Get popular with editors Most new authors and freelance writers find landing the first gig with popular online publications the most difficult of tasks, even after receiving a favorable response from the editor, like when the editor wants to see a story they’ve pitched ‘on a speculative basis’ because they are not sure it won’t be misused.But, stop and think for a moment, editors are constantly looking out for good writers who they can depend on for delivering quality content and are not likely to steal a newbie’s introductory writing piece for padding their nest egg. Chances are, your first piece won’t be all that polished to warrant an established editor eyeing it for their own byline anyway. So shoot off that ‘sample article’ anyway, wait at least two weeks, get a copyscape account and verify it hasn’t been published anywhere on the web so far and post it under your name to secure your copyrights!Tip # 5 – Join good writing communitiesOnline writing communities and forums are the best resource for new writers. These places can alert fresher entrants in the online writing world to writers markets, publishers to avoid, the good and bad paymasters, reliable payment processing systems and loads of other useful information such as free writing tools, writing software, editing tools and even reprint advice that can help a good writers earn extra income from one piece of good writing and also earn good exposure at the same time.

North Dakota State Fair has Interesting Activities

The North Dakota State Fair in Minot is considered the entertainment capital of the state. This is probably because the state fairgrounds host many of the major entertainment events that occur throughout the year. However towards the end of each July for nine days the grounds are filled with visitors looking to enjoy the state fair. Those looking for some fun activities while visiting North Dakota during this time of year shouldn’t skip the opportunity to check out the fair.Entertaiment at the fair usually consists of your standard Midway and Carnival accompanied by the tried and true Agricultural shows. There have also been a number of interesting activities at the state fair over the years. In 2006′s fair the organizers were able to lure the National Basketball Association (NBA) to the fair. They set up exhibits with free contests for visitors, basketball displays and of course special guests associated with the sport to the fair.In recent years the state fair has started an annual Dodgeball Tournament. There are two divisions open class and Business/Service class. Visitors to the fair can enter the open class division and seek retribution for all those years of high school gym. The tournament is usually held towards the beginning of the fair, so come early.One year the state fair hosted the World Rhubarb Pie Eating Championship. It was free to attend but most of the competitors places were all ready reserved for some world class eaters by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Who knew such a group existed? Well, now you do and there’s likely to be more eating championships at the state fair in future years.In 2005 the state fair received over 15,000 competitive exhibit entries. That’s an amazing number of canned fruits and veggies, quilts, baked goods, giant veggies, clothing, paintings, livestock and anything else you can think of creating. Put on your easy walking shoes if you plan on checking out the ever-growing competitive exhibits at the fair.When you come to the fair you can find many local hotels willing and waiting for your visit as well as campgrounds, KOA’s and the fairgrounds itself has camping available.

Most Popular Genres of Video Games

Video games have been increasing in their mass popularity with the coming of every new generation. The international gaming industry is surely keeping pace with this market demand by developing more genres which are surpassing their predecessors by a long shot. Today, we can find the widest genre and type of video games in the market and this industry has become so dynamic and technologically advanced that gamers have never had such a great choice of quality products to choose from up till now!As every person has his or her own favorite list of video games, it is all the more important to choose the most suitable and enjoyable type for the perfect gaming experience. So here is a brief introduction on the various types of today’s most popular video games that have been sorted out into different genres on the basics of their game-play and interactive features:FPS – FPS which stands for First Person Shooter, is mainly based around the player and is played through his perspective alone. FPS games usually involve various types of firearms and projectile weapons but there are off beat games as well including samurai and other combat styles which make the use of knives and swords. The concentration level required for this genre is moderate which is why FPS games are popular among both experienced as well as amateur gamers.Role Playing – RPG’s or Role Playing Games have developed into one of the most popular genres in today’s gaming industry. These games basically require players to virtually get into a role playing mode which is backed up by an interesting story board with various quests and levels to achieve throughout the whole game. The Final Fantasy Series of RPGs is one such popular example which is extremely popular among gamers from all across the globe.Real Time Strategy – If you love a mentally challenging game, then you are sure to get hooked onto RTS games if you are not already a fan! Real Time Strategy games challenge the reasoning and logical aptitude of players and offer a great variety of options to choose from including one of the top RTS games of today’s times, the Star Craft II which is a gripping war battle based in the 26th Century.MMOG’s – Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) are the rage with today’s internet savvy generation and works on the basis of multiplayer online interaction. MMOG’s can be based on First Person Shooter games, Role Playing Games or Real Time Strategy games to name a few but involve a group of players who are online at the same time. Nowadays the best quality MMOGs are the ones that are available in 3D mode which makes them a really exhilarating and real life experience for gamers.Apart from the four popular genres that have been mentioned above, video games are also available under the labels of action, adventure and racing genres. A great way to explore the exciting world of gaming is to work through the various types of genres so that you are well aware of the latest and the most technologically advanced video games that are being released regularly and we assure you that you are sure to find your own personal favorites amongst them!

Sedation Dentistry or Bust

I don’t know about you, but I would almost rather do anything than go to the dentist. I believe I can trace the dread of the dentist to an incident when I was younger. I had an experience with an exposed nerve that caused me so much pain I still remember it vividly. I can remember feeling helpless and somewhere in my young mind making some sort of vow that I would never be in that situation again. Maybe you are like me and the only way you even think about going to the dentist is if the pain is bigger than the fear. I can relate to the character Tom Hanks played in the movie “Castaway” where his tooth pain finally became so great that he had to deal with it. For a long time I thought I was weird for being so uncomfortable at the dentist office, but it turns out I am not alone. Enough people share my fears that there is now an amazing thing called Sedation Dentistry.Sedation Dentistry incorporates a trained dentist and a range of medicinal options to help you be at peace before and during a dental procedure. Some people confuse sedation dentistry with sleep dentistry but they are actually quite different. Sleep dentistry refers to dentistry that is performed under general anesthesia; during sedation dentistry you are actually awake during the procedure but in a very relaxed state. Three of the most common procedures used for sedation are nitrous oxide inhalation (laughing gas), oral sedation (pills), and intravenous sedation. One of the greatest benefits of seeing a sedation dentist is that a lengthy dental procedure feels like it took only a few minutes.Many dentists offer some form of sedation dentistry today but there is a definite difference in levels of experience with sedation dentistry. It is a good idea to do some research before you choose your sedation dentist. Once you have done your research and are armed with knowledge about the field of sedation dentistry you will be better equipped to choose the dentist that’s right for you. Your teeth will be happy that you did.