Writing For Online Markets – 5 Tips From A Professional Writer | Online Marketing

When I first started out in writing for online markets, there was very little information about approaching clients, managing projects, choosing the right payment processors, calculating a good writing fee, deciding how many drafts or reworking requests to take on before submitting a final copy and matters related to actually getting byline credit and payments released.That was over 8 years ago and things in the online writing world have changed considerably since then. However, I write this article about 5 tips for the online market in the hope that the mistakes I made can be avoided by new writers and freelance writing success can be a constant for new authors!So, here goes:Tip # 1 – Research Writer GuidelinesWhen applying for an online writer’s job in any ezine, blog or website copywriting job, such as a guide or contributing writer, be sure to conduct some basic online research for the writer’s guidelines that most sites have so you know what the site owners expect from their writer. Sometimes, there may be other niches you could really shine in, which you may overlook applying for in your haste of sending off a general writer’s application so do make it a point to find out the various fields of expertise the online markets you want to write for are currently advertising for.Tip # 2 – Subscribe to top ezines and newsletters in your areas of interestIf you like camping, parenting, relationships or health subjects, it makes sense to subscribe to the top online magazines or newsletters from popular ezines or websites specializing in areas of your interest so you can pick up tips, latest news, expert views and possibly writing advice based on the content you find featured here.Most are free and easy to sign up for requiring you to give only your name and email address in order to receive lots of interesting articles, information and industry updates about your choice of online markets. Once you have good knowledge of your hot favorite online markets, writing for similar websites, blogs or ezines will be a breeze because you will already be familiar with the acceptable styles and favored topics by being an avid reader!!Tip # 3 – Target smaller ezines and always send more than one story pitchMost online writing markets prefer receiving more than one story pitch from a writer since 2, 3 or more article ideas with a brief overview of what the article will offer readers helps editors determine the range and variety of thought a good writer can bring to the magazine.Besides, smaller ezines are likely to have lesser competition because of lower circulation and modest writing fees offered. Therefore it makes sense to target smaller ezines when starting out in your writing career. Also apply for copy editing, proofing and volunteer writing gigs to get some bylines to your credit so you have a decent portfolio to show for better writing jobs when they come along, thanks to the exposure and confidence you will have gained due to these.Tip # 4 – Get popular with editors Most new authors and freelance writers find landing the first gig with popular online publications the most difficult of tasks, even after receiving a favorable response from the editor, like when the editor wants to see a story they’ve pitched ‘on a speculative basis’ because they are not sure it won’t be misused.But, stop and think for a moment, editors are constantly looking out for good writers who they can depend on for delivering quality content and are not likely to steal a newbie’s introductory writing piece for padding their nest egg. Chances are, your first piece won’t be all that polished to warrant an established editor eyeing it for their own byline anyway. So shoot off that ‘sample article’ anyway, wait at least two weeks, get a copyscape account and verify it hasn’t been published anywhere on the web so far and post it under your name to secure your copyrights!Tip # 5 – Join good writing communitiesOnline writing communities and forums are the best resource for new writers. These places can alert fresher entrants in the online writing world to writers markets, publishers to avoid, the good and bad paymasters, reliable payment processing systems and loads of other useful information such as free writing tools, writing software, editing tools and even reprint advice that can help a good writers earn extra income from one piece of good writing and also earn good exposure at the same time.

Discount Travel and Travel Planning

Discount Travel has revalorized the way in which we Travel now. Travel is the term referred to our transport from one place to another place which may be for Tourism, Migration, Trade, Pilgrimage, etc.Traveling without proper planning is much complicated nowadays. While traveling you should try to keep your expenses as low as possible even if you are traveling solo seeing a foreign country for the first time or a family with your car filled with kids and luggage heading for the beach or an amusement park.It is definitely a good plan to generate a travel budget if you want to go traveling on a the lower cost route while traveling. Your travel expense may include many aspects such as Hotel, Airfare, Car rental, visiting attractions and sights, Food, and Gasoline.Once you have decided of what you want to spend on each part of your Trip, then you need to begin shopping around for the best deals. So budget travel is a main concept in your visit. On your travel decide for what all you are going to spend and what all you are going to cut back.For example, while some travelers would rather spend a more on a higher class of accommodations, others would rather save money by staying at lower priced Hotels or motels splurge on sightseeing or their Food budget for the Family.Once your trip has been confirmed then try to find out about the best deals regarding Travel. Many theme Parks, Museums and other attractions run specials to draw Tourists. They also provide discounted admission rates on area attractions. It is easy to find them. The easiest way to find these deals is on the Internet.Some of the online deals include such as two-for-one deals, free admission for Children, special reduced admission days, even discounts on Food and Lodging. There are other ways to get great discounts. If you are in the Military, a senior Citizen you will find that there are many discounts available to you.Most discount travelers want to get discounted tickets for theme Parks, Museums and other attractions within driving distance, and the secret to making the most of your travel budget is to research and take advantage of any discounts available.The Discount travel is the boon to the lower income group people and best deals are awaiting the Traveler who does a lot of research and takes pains to find out the best deals for him and his family. Traveling is a pleasure and it is up to you to find out the best and plan your travel in such way that it does not hurt your finances.

How to Grow Your Lawn Care Business During Cold Months, Beyond Adding the Obvious Services

It’s cold in many areas of the country. Temperatures are steadily falling in many states, but that does not mean your business profits have to go down as a lawn maintenance company. One of the most effective ways to grow your lawn care business during the fall and winter months is to add new services.Goal: Healthy Bottom LineDuring the winter months, many lawn maintenance companies market the obvious services such as blowing leaves, mulching, aerating, pruning, and similar services. These are needed services that most lawn care companies tout and bank on to assist in a healthier bottom line.Grow Your Lawn Maintenance Business by Working with Foreclosures But to exponentially grow your lawn maintenance business during slower months, you can capitalize off a needed service that has cropped up as a result of the astronomical number of foreclosures on the market: foreclosure cleanup. Foreclosure cleanup businesses generally handle a plethora of services which can include the following: debris removal, interior and exterior cleaning, lawn mowing, trimming, tree removal, roof repair, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, window boarding, door boarding, lock changing, inspections, carpet cleaning, laying and carpet removal, painting, minor repairs, and the like.Work On HUD Homes In many scenarios, the homes needing foreclosure cleanup services are HUD homes and often the work is given to smaller companies by foreclosure realtors or larger property preservation companies working as an extension of HUD’s M&M Contractors (“Management and Marketing” Contractors).Choose Services that Work with Your BusinessThough foreclosure cleaning businesses can offer a plethora of services, as a lawn maintenance business, you can choose to add foreclosure cleanup services that fall in line with the services you already offer in your business. For example, you can offer lawn and exterior debris removal such as the removal of limbs, fallen trees and piled up junk such as bicycles, swing sets, grills, etc., from homes that have been abandoned or are in the foreclosure or pre-foreclosure state.Put Truck and Trailer to WorkAs a lawn maintenance company, you likely already have a truck and/or a trailer you can use to pick up exterior debris and haul to the junk yard. You probably already have a saw, large bags, needed gloves and face masks and a small crew. Use them to get a foot in the foreclosure cleanup industry in your area.You can also choose to offer drive way and exterior pressure washing. If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can easily rent one at The Home Depot or a similar rental outlet. Throw it on your truck and offer this service as part of your foreclosure cleanup cache of services during the cold months so you can profit during what is traditionally a slow time for lawn care businesses.If you are equipped, you can also offer snow removal (consider partnering with a like company) and interior trash-outs. Remember, you likely already have a truck and you are familiar with the real estate contracting industry as a lawn maintenance company; so why not buy some cleaning supplies, hire qualified interior cleaners and put some miles on that truck in the winter months by offering foreclosure cleanup services.Using Equipment You Already Have On-handThe trick in adding basic foreclosure cleanup services to your lawn care business is to keep in mind the equipment you already have on hand. Take inventory of the tools, equipment and supplies you already have, research the foreclosure cleanup industry, and get creative on how you can maximum equipment inventory in your area in the fall and winter months.Check Your Business Insurance and Licensing You will want to contact your insurance agent to make sure your existing coverage is ample to cover the new foreclosure cleanup services you want to add to your lawn maintenance business. Also, give a quick call to your governing business license office (i.e., in some areas, the County Clerk) to make sure your current business license is ample to offer foreclosure cleanup services.Get a Quick StartTo get started quickly, pick up some new car magnets from your local print shop or online printer (less than $30 bucks in most cases!), order some new business cards (you can find free business cards online), find a list of Realtors in your area (go to your multiple listing service) and start contacting them announcing the new aspect you’ve added to your lawn maintenance company’s cache of business services.Good luck with your lawn maintenance business as you venture into the world of foreclosure cleanup!

Franchise Web Design and Optimization for Business Improvement

The Internet has transformed businesses all over the world. Companies can now use the Internet to communicate with clients, search for employees and monitor changes in the market. Building a business website that is complete and up-to-date is therefore highly necessary not only to establish online presence but also to give clients the impression that the company is capable of coping with dramatic changes in the global market.It is also important to understand that promoting a business can be accomplished with more than just online presence, as new websites tend to experience little web traffic for weeks on end. Instead of panicking, you may evaluate your web design, the layout and content management in a website. Text, images and videos and other interactive components make up the web content.Good web design is extremely useful for franchise websites. Franchise websites form a network of various “baby” websites, each belonging to various franchisees but all linked to the primary or “parent” website that belongs to the original business owner. Having too many franchise websites can be overwhelming for website administration and can also complicate brand management. It’s a good thing that there are many content material management systems available to help organize and regulate any amount of information that needs to be added to the website.Contrary to popular belief, the visual elements are only a small component of the overall franchise web design. Ease of use and navigation are really the primary factors that determine a website’s efficiency. Users tend to favor instant gratification, and good web design provides just that. When a website fulfills an Internet user’s needs, it is likely that more and more users will visit the site, thus increasing web traffic to the franchise website.A franchise owner can get overwhelmed with all the updates that need to be applied to a website. This is where franchise website development solutions come in. There are companies that provide web design solutions and a wide range of custom styles and web content management systems.Effective web design and powerful brand management strategies can be further improved when visitors can easily find and access the site. This is why effective web marketing is so useful. There are many web marketing strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing and affiliate marketing that can attract significantly more traffic to a franchise website. These strategies are effective in guiding Internet users to the website, thus enhancing site traffic and Internet visibility.